An overdue update

By Wally Jones

With the last update being way back in May 2010, readers of this site are probably head scratching a bit as to what’s going on.

Well, Gary has had things to do in his real life, which had to take priority over OFM, but he’s back now, and, to avoid the infrequency of updates, Gary has given me posting rights on the site, so we can both keep you up to date with what’s going on in the Crew

Anyway, update time:

Since the last post, the Dream Team has competed in the 4th (and seemingly final) Ultimate Crew Battle. We finished well and finished a very respectable 20th overall!!! Well done and thank you to all UCB participants who have represented OFM DT in the UCB (even those who have moved on to pastures new)

We have also played (and still are playing)  in the CCL. We were awarded a bye in the First Round, and were scheduled to compete against Estrelinhas, who won their first round clash. However, shortly after the league began, Estrelinhas ran into problems, and had to forfeit, awarding us another bye but denying us vital experience. We are now competing against Romanian Gladiators (RoGT), and are grateful to the CCL for providing us experience with Crew battles as well as improving the Crew

We have also appointed a new Crew Battle Organizer, to help Brian (Lacoste1986) in organizing battles for the Crew. His name is Lee (im am the best) and since his arrival into his new role, he has arranged a battle with Lusos. Unfortunately, we lost the battle, but gained vital experience and enjoyed the battle thoroughly

Speaking of Battles, Lee has set about organizing another one. The details can not be disclosed at the moment as it is very early but if your crew wants to battle, send an in-game PM to Lee (his username is: im am the best)


We’ve also had several Crew League Seasons, with the majority of them being won by Mr. Paolo (aside from 1, which was won by Matthew Mulholland). Congrats Paolo, but don’t get too comfortable, as I’m sure every member of the OFM Dream Team will be looking to stop your dominance

That’s all for now really. A new update will be posted in due course with battle details, as well as our progress in the CCL (once we finish the round with RoGT)

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