Update: June 2011

Crew Champions’ League (CCL)

Sadly for OFM DT, our run in the CCL has come to an end, after Romanian Gladiators (RoGT) ended up becoming victors in Round 3 of the CCL battle. The final scores were

RoGT- 1988
OFM Dream Team – 397

Congratulations RoGT, and good luck to all remaining participants in the CCL. OFM DT will be back in the CCL for the next edition.

Crew Battle

Since Lee’s arrival back in the Crew, he has tried to organize a battle. And now, one has been organized, against Dreamers . Our participants in the battle are

Mr Paolo managing South China (Goal 1)
Phil Absolom managing Citizen (Goal 3)
im am the best managing Fourway Rangers (Goal 5)
Ben Stappleton managing Tuen Mun (Goal 7)
Special-Ben managing Tai Chung (Goal 9)

Good luck guys, the whole of OFM DT is behind you

Crew Awards

Another edition of the Crew Awards has taken place, and the results are

Best Manager – Mr. Paolo
Most improved manager: Ben Stappleton
Biggest football fan – Phil Absolom
Biggest laugh: Tha Frey
Biggest motivator – Gary Gomes
Top crew man – sexcboi1990
Most Active – im am the best

Congrats to all Winners!!

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  • I am very happy to see that you guys have managed to organise the crew battle against Dreamers whilst I was away. Definitely a positive and I’m glad I have such a good Crew Committee that can handle things together in my absence. 😉

    Congratulations to everyone that received an award also!

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