Issue 1, 17th August 2012

Welcome to the re-invigorated OFM DT Blog, now called the OFM DT journal. The journal is an undertaking of Wally Jones, Chief Journalist of OFM DT, and will be updated every Friday to provide you with the latest and greatest slices of OFM DT action.
As journals like this generally speak for themselves, I’ll keep the intro short, so let’s get down to the juicy stories which have occurred over the last 2 weeks, shall we?


CCL IV Update

CCL IV was always going to be an uphill struggle for us, and this was proven when OFM DT got our backsides handed to us by the Romanian Pwners. The final score was OFM DT 499-1983 Pwners.

Unfortunately, that result and Storm Knights’ victory over Os Navegadores means that we cannot progress beyond the group stages. However, while Pwners and SK fight for 1st place (and therefore progression), we are fighting for 3rd place with Os Navegadores, to avoid the “wooden spoon” of the group.

Our team against Os Navegadores is:

Phil Absolom: Havnar Botlefag (Goal 1)
sexcboi1990: B36 Torshavn (Goal 3)
Ben Stappleton: IF Fuglafjordur (Goal 5)
tezmondo: NSI Runavik (Goal 7)
matthew n burns: FC Suduroy (Goal 9)

Check here for future updates!!

UPDATE: As of today, the scores are OFM DT 779-832 Os Navegas. A very close battle that could swing either way! We’re gonna keep our heads up, keep battling and hope for the best!


Crews World Tour – THE FINAL

Thanks to the efforts of Jor Muller and Miftari Valdrin (when he was still in the Crew), we achieved a total of 3653 points in our 2 seasons, and thus made it into the final. Our representative in this Final is Gary, and he will compete against other managers from 11 other Crews to hopefully bring us some World Tour glory
The Crews World Tour (CWT) final is in Guatemala, and Gary has chosen to manage Deportivo Zacapa. We wish you all the luck Gary, and are behind you 100%

UPDATE: As of today (17/08/12): Gary is in 8th place after 2 wins from 8 games (wins were achieved against Lumi75 of AOM and tve-nl of Golden Legends). Still a very long way to go, and Gary’s in a good position. Keep frequently checking back here for updates


In Other News…

  • Frisoow power has amassed a total of 7942 points managing Queens Park Rangers (England), a truly remarkable achievement. Congrats Friso!
  • Ben Stappleton achieved a total of 4983 points with West Brom (England). Congrats Ben
  • sexcboi1990 has achieved a total of 1891 points with MC El Eulma (Algeria)


Unfortunately that’s all we have time for. We have new stories coming out frequently, and already have 2 unconfirmed stories for the next journal (which will be next Friday) so keep checking back for more updates

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