It’s been a while


….And a very long while at that

By Wally Jones, OFM DT Journalist

My silence on this blog may suggest that everyone’s favourite Crew has long gone into the abyss. But rest assured, we are here. Unfortunately, Upcoming Stars and Big Guns are not. So the Crew would like to take this moment to acknowledge the departure of 2 wonderful OFM Crews. They may have annoyed a few people over the years (especially Big Guns :p) but they were 2 truly awesome Crews. So let’s raise a glass to them!!


Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in and around the OFM DT world.


We’re on a terrific journey in CCL IV.

We had to qualify this time around, as we had not played many battles between the last CCL and this one. So we went up against Heironymous, who gave us one tough battle (especially given our rustiness). Fortunately for us, we won the battle by 1685-529, and moved on to the Group Stages

In the Group Stages, we were placed in Group L and found 3 very tough opponents, namely Storm Knights, Romanian Pwners and Os Navegadores. However, we were undaunted by this and proceeded to play Storm Knights and Pwners, both of who have unfortunately beaten us. Here are the current scores from the group

OFM DT 821-1644 Storm Knights (Final)
OFM DT 445-1745 Pwners (In Progress, Week 20 of 22)
OFM DT vs Os Navegadores (Starts on 06/08/12)

So things aren’t looking too great so far. However, we will keep fighting until the very end. You can keep track of our group and the standings by visiting this link:


Crew Battles:

A few months ago, Gary promised a Crew Re-organization, and also asked you where you think OFM DT can improve. One of the ways we came up with was to implement our Crew Battle Plan. Now I can’t talk about the details of this plan (as it’s confidential for Crew Members only) but it’s worked well and we have achieved our 2nd ever victory in friendly Crew Battles, against Elite Slayers. Here are the final scores:

Total OFM DT 1805
Total ES 873

Thanks to ES for giving us a battle. Watch this space for more battle news as we look to take 2012 by storm!!


Arrivals and Departures

Since the last post, a lot of activity has happened with regard to members arriving and leaving. We are thrilled to welcome Jo Aguero, tezmondo and george kyprianou45 to the Crew. Unfortunately, we’ve had to see Tha Frey and Miftari Valdrin leave us. This fills us with sadness, especially Geoffrey (Tha Frey)’s departure as he was the 3rd longest member in the Crew, after Gary, myself and fotnikos. Here’s some stats about how long Geoffrey was in the Crew for

It is 1328 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 3 years, 7 months, 20 days including the end date

Alternative time units

1328 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 114,739,200 seconds
  • 1,912,320 minutes
  • 31,872 hours
  • 189 weeks (rounded down)  

So yes, quite  a long time. However, Geoffrey still pops in every now and again to say hi to us in our public threads


Crew Awards

To end this on a positive note, we’ve had another Crew Awards. Here are the victors

Best Manager: Tha Frey
Most Improved Manager: Miftari Valdrin
Biggest Football Fan: Phil Absolom
Biggest Laugh: Jor Muller
Best Motivator: Gary Gomes
Best Newbie: tezmondo
Most Active: Jor Muller
Biggest Ladies Man: Phil Absolom
Top Crew Man: Gary Gomes

Congrats to all winners. The next Crew Awards will be kicking off very soon


Well, that brings this update to a close. I personally promise the updates over the upcoming months will be in a much shorter time-gap, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your next slice of DT action.

Until next time, this is Wally Jones, reporting for OFM DT Times

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