Issue 3, 7th September 2012

Crews World Tour Update

Well, that’s it. The first version of the Crews World Tour has come to an end.

Since issue 3, Gary won his last match and retained 7th place in the 4th (and final) league of the Crews World Tour. This fantastic result means Gary amassed a total of 1891 points, which were added to the points obtained by Jor Muller (2123) and Miftari Valdrin (1530), to give OFM DT a total of 5544 points.

This points haul put us in 12th of the 13 Crews after all 4 leagues. The top crew was Kanarifuglene. Congrats to them winning the Tour and also to zeeninda of Scorpions for winning the league in Guatemala. You can find out the final points tallies here.

Whether or not there will be another version of the CWT at a later date will be determined by the Events staff in conjunction with the Crew staff. However, OFM DT will be raring to go if there is another version


Crew League

The Crew League is hotting up as it nears the end of Season 38 in Malaysia. Everywhere you look, it is a close, tight competition with only 3 matches left.

There are still 5 teams who can mathematically get 1st place, but realistically this is down to 3, which are Kelantan FA (matthew n burns), Perak FA (tezmondo) and Negeri Sembilan FA (fotnikos). 4th and 5th are between Singapore Lions (fotnikos) and Sabah FC (Gary Gomes). Then there’s a bit of calm and relaxation for Jor in 6th place, before the tight battle between 7th-11th, where 5 teams are separated by 4 points

Whatever happens, this Crew League has been an exciting one. Issue 4 will have the final summary of this season, and information about the next season, so keep your eyes peeled next week for that!


In Other News

Since Issue 2, we’ve had 2 managers do well in their leagues and bring some valuable points to the Crew. They are:

> george kyprianou45 with 4751 points achieved managing Reading (England)
> fotnikos with 1716 points managing Servette FC (Switzerland)

Congrats to them! There are a few leagues also nearing completion, so we’ll have news of them next week in Issue 4
That’s unfortunately all the news we have for you in this issue. Hopefully this is just post-CCL blues and we’ll have more exciting developments next week. Until then, this is Wally Jones for the OFM DT Journal, signing off

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