About Us

Crews are found all over the Online Football Manager, some big and some small. I decided to take full advantage of my premium season tickets to open my very own crew, and the OFM Dream Team was born.

The OFM Dream Team was created on Wednesday, 6th of June 2007. The crew makes home for many experienced and active managers that participate daily in the challenges provided by opponents and teams in their leagues. We aren’t a newly established crew and we will strive to become the best crew (or at least close to it) on OFM, no matter how long it takes! We are a respectful, trustworthy, honest, active, easy-going and fun group of people that enjoy football and OFM who want to broaden our experiences by supporting and representing the crew in a number of non-official competitions ranging from the crew league to friendly battles against other crews. We are here to help you out with any questions you’ve got regarding the crew and are always happy to assist you with any OFM-related issues.

The OFM Dream Team are indeed transforming dreams into reality…

In case you are curious, the first crew member to join the Dream Team was White Ninja.