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The OFM Dream Team is going to have its very own spring cleaning. There are a few things that need to be addressed in order to improve the crew ranging from Crew Committee reorganisation to the introduction of new minimum requirements for new recruits. I’m not going to list everything that is needed to be taken care of, however I will comment on this post once the changes are done to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands why they have been made.

I look forward to hearing any suggestions on how to improve the Dream Team as well so please don’t be afraid to send us an email, and if you are someone who is currently looking for a new crew we’d definitely like to hear from you! Send me a private message in OFM or click here to send us an email.

Managers Amiss?

Two crew members are currently on leave until further notice. The OFM Dream Team announces that Jencey (Ali Gie Indahouse) and Marius (Henry Niculescu) are giving up some time away from their managerial roles for a short period of time. Whilst Jencey has left the crew unannounced but obviously due to running out of season tickets, Marius will be off on a university trip for an entire week.

I have been asked to take over the roles of Marius’ squads, CD Nacional in Portugal and Bloemfontein Celtic in South Africa, and hope to maintain his efforts in achieving the highest position possible in both competitions. We hope you are safe on your trip and can’t wait to see you back in a week Marius! As for Jencey, please try and get back to us regarding your situation as soon as possible. We’d love to hear from you!

New Crew Member: o coisa

I’d like to take this chance to welcome o coisa to the Dream Team. André is a very good addition to the crew. He has a high level of activity and has had an extremely successful career; meeting his goal for every team he has managed out of 11 seasons on his main account!

The crew has now reached a maximum amount of members, a number I wanted to keep at around the 15-16 mark. With 18 managers in the crew now I am likely to do some more reorganising before recruiting anyone else.

Crew Member Movement

Hey there everyone. There has been a couple of changes to the crew members of the Dream Team lately. Some managers have not met our minimum requirements and have been inactive and due to this I’ve had to let go of two crew members. I would like to take the time to say goodbye to Mark Lapko and sagrub. You’ve both been a good addition to the crew, and I thank sagrub for his long service and dedication to the Dream Team. Once things work out and once you are active again you are free to come back to the crew.

Due to the number of free spaces left in the crew, I’ve taken the time to search for another manager. Luckily I logged in one day and found that Ali Gie Indahouse was inquiring on free positions in the crew and whether he’d be able to be given the chance to join. Congratulations Ali Gie Indahouse and welcome to the crew! I hope you have fun and you have definitely earned your spot. Let’s see how you progress in the near future.

Website Completed

In the past couple of days and nights I have managed to bring the site to completion. Every single page has now been added and all the content has been updated to match that of the latest data from OFM. In the next couple of days I will be making some more additions to the crew homepage on OFM, including our very own version of the Grammy Awards (basically awards for members of the crew). I am also thinking of introducing a member of the month feature, but I will discuss that more with the Dream Team.

Thanks for the support guys and I hope you enjoy the new additions to the site!

New Crew Member

Macmillian King has accepted your invitation and has been added to the crew.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Alex to the Dream Team. It is a pleasure to have you and I’m sure you will be a huge boost to the overall activity of the crew. I look forward to many good times in the future!

Another thing I’d like to mention in this post is that I have decided to take another step in the ‘revamp’ that is taking place for the crew. The crew website has been created and is only up to about 75% completion, however there are little things such as crew members, images, etc, that also need taking care of and are just as important. Expect some crew member changes within the next couple of days.

Content Updates

I’m happy to say that I have now added each and every single page to be found here on the crew website. There are still adjustments that I need to make as well as setting up a couple of widgets in WordPress to get things functioning properly, but until then this is what I have to show for my work in the past two days. So far we are at 75% completion.

Hopefully you guys like it!

I am not officially launching the site yet, but I am giving anyone that asks the ability to take a look. Once the site is about 90-95% finished, I will make things official. Until then I am open for suggestions and opinions so get commenting.

Hello World!

First and foremost, on behalf of all the members and fans of the OFM Dream Team, we welcome you to our humble official crew website!

This website has been created to form as a headquarters for the OFM Dream Team crew members, and of course all of those fanatical managers who support us in every way! You will find a vast array of different things here on the website, ranging from manager tips and tricks to finding information on your favourite OFM Dream Team members! Each and every person is allowed to view all of the information we provide here, and if you have any questions or concerns then you are always welcome to contact us. Feel free to browse around the website, make sure you participate in any events, comment on our articles/blog posts and last but not least, give us a shout out whenever you visit.

We hope that you enjoy this website as much as we do and gain the most that you can from it. The information we provide here comes strictly from the members and the community and should not be misunderstood to come from the Online Football Manager and/or Gamebasics websites’. This goes for tips and tricks and any other freebies that we may offer.