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Issue 3, 7th September 2012

Crews World Tour Update

Well, that’s it. The first version of the Crews World Tour has come to an end.

Since issue 3, Gary won his last match and retained 7th place in the 4th (and final) league of the Crews World Tour. This fantastic result means Gary amassed a total of 1891 points, which were added to the points obtained by Jor Muller (2123) and Miftari Valdrin (1530), to give OFM DT a total of 5544 points.

This points haul put us in 12th of the 13 Crews after all 4 leagues. The top crew was Kanarifuglene. Congrats to them winning the Tour and also to zeeninda of Scorpions for winning the league in Guatemala. You can find out the final points tallies here.

Whether or not there will be another version of the CWT at a later date will be determined by the Events staff in conjunction with the Crew staff. However, OFM DT will be raring to go if there is another version


Crew League

The Crew League is hotting up as it nears the end of Season 38 in Malaysia. Everywhere you look, it is a close, tight competition with only 3 matches left.

There are still 5 teams who can mathematically get 1st place, but realistically this is down to 3, which are Kelantan FA (matthew n burns), Perak FA (tezmondo) and Negeri Sembilan FA (fotnikos). 4th and 5th are between Singapore Lions (fotnikos) and Sabah FC (Gary Gomes). Then there’s a bit of calm and relaxation for Jor in 6th place, before the tight battle between 7th-11th, where 5 teams are separated by 4 points

Whatever happens, this Crew League has been an exciting one. Issue 4 will have the final summary of this season, and information about the next season, so keep your eyes peeled next week for that!


In Other News

Since Issue 2, we’ve had 2 managers do well in their leagues and bring some valuable points to the Crew. They are:

> george kyprianou45 with 4751 points achieved managing Reading (England)
> fotnikos with 1716 points managing Servette FC (Switzerland)

Congrats to them! There are a few leagues also nearing completion, so we’ll have news of them next week in Issue 4
That’s unfortunately all the news we have for you in this issue. Hopefully this is just post-CCL blues and we’ll have more exciting developments next week. Until then, this is Wally Jones for the OFM DT Journal, signing off

Issue 2: – 31st August 2012

Due to a bad Friday last week, when the OFM DT Journal office melted under the pressure of finalising stories, this issue had to be delayed until today and was missing last week. However, we’ve upgraded our equipment, and are now up and sprinting quicker than Usain Bolt!

Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in everyone’s favourite Crew

Members of Honour

Well, several Crews have a list of their members of honour, and now OFM DT does so too on their Crew page.
The first 4 ex-members to make it into the prestigious list are: Bigkahuna, Paolo Zangoria and Tha Frey. I’ve known each of these managers and have seen them do superbly in this crew, so it’s only fitting I say a few words about each of them

Ben (Bigkahuna) was a member of OFM DT from 23rd July 2008 until 2nd April 2009. That may seem a relatively short period of time, but in that short space, he was 2nd in his first ever Crew league before going on to win 4 consecutive Crew Leagues. Unfortunately, after his 4th demolition of his fellow crew mates, his interest in OFM started to fade, however he left on good terms and should he ever want to return to OFM properly again, he is more than welcome to re-join the Crew

Paolo Zangoria was one of the first members of OFM DT, who joined around January 2008. Although not entirely active in the Crew Forum, he gave 100% to the Crew and stayed with us for 14 Crew League seasons, before unfortunately calling time on his OFM career, which meant his OFM DT membership was over too. Unfortunately, he’s made no comeback to OFM, but has rightfully earned a place in the OFM DT Member of Honour roll

Geoffrey (Tha Frey) was OFM DT’s top dog in both ranking and forum activity for each of the 3 years and 7 months that he was in the crew for. He always brought his friendly side and good humour to the crew forum, through thick and thin. As well as that, he won the Crew League for the first and only time when it went to Argentina (with Colon Santa Fe, a goal 10 team) and also won a Crew League Cup in Peru with Union Comercio (another Goal 10 team). There’s a lot to say about Geoffrey, but we hope we’ve not seen the last of him and hope the financial situation improves soon so he can return home

Mr. Paolo was another livewire on the Forums. Although he joined us fairly late in his OFM career, he still had a high Forum activity and had several chats with all of the members. We often laughed at his shenanigans, and have also shared some personal moments with him. We will never forget you Mr. P

More managers will be added in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for more names to join the Honour Wall

CCL Update

Unfortunately, we lost to Os Navegadores by 828 points. Therefore, we finish bottom of Group L, with a “goal difference” of -3183. The final standings of Group L are

1st were Romanian Pwners with 9 points and 1910 goal difference
2nd were Storm Knights with 6 points and 1760 goal difference
3rd were Os Navegadores with 3 points and 518 goal difference
4th were OFM Dream Team with 0 points and -3183 goal difference

So yes, not exactly a great CCL for us, but we’ve learned several lessons along the way and will hopefully come back stronger than ever. We are going to do some battles before now and then, so keep your eyes peeled for updates. Good luck to Pwners, it’ll be nice to see the team from our group win the CCL, as then we can say we lost to the very best

CWT Update

Gary has seen a string of good results lately and, in addition to the victories mentioned in Issue 1, he won vs sillykid of Elite Slayers, tve-nl of Golden Legends, Pinkeye13 of Dracula RO Land, Mister Lorkano of the Bloody Alboz, and Dennis S Bergkamp of the Revolutionists.

The victories mean that Gary has achieved his goal of 7th with 7 wins, no matter what happens in the last match which gets played tonight. Unfortunately, he cannot catch 6th, however achieving the goal is no easy task and all of OFM DT is proud of their moderator


On this deadline day for all the teams in Europe, we’ve had a transfer of our own. Unfortunately, it’s not a new arrival, but the departure of Mr. Paolo.
Paolo was always a good laugh and a chat on the forums. His mere presence heightened the atmosphere of the Crew. Unfortunately, we only welcomed him to the family in the twilight of his OFM career, but Paolo still tried his best to have lots of friendly chat with Geoffrey (Tha Frey), phoxy and Jor Muller as a result of their history together. However, these chats often roped in the other members of the Crew!

So sorry to see you leave us Paolo, and we know you said that this is for good, however you will be welcome back to OFM DT should you take managing seriously again

In Other Business

– Jor Muller gained 2827 points with his Djurgadens team in Sweden, coming 3rd and winning the Cup!

– Gary Gomes gained 2908 points with his UCD team in Ireland, coming 2nd with them


That’s all we have time for in this issue. Join us next week for more news from the OFM DT hub! Until next time, this is Wally Jones, OFM DT chief journalist, signing off!

Issue 1, 17th August 2012

Welcome to the re-invigorated OFM DT Blog, now called the OFM DT journal. The journal is an undertaking of Wally Jones, Chief Journalist of OFM DT, and will be updated every Friday to provide you with the latest and greatest slices of OFM DT action.
As journals like this generally speak for themselves, I’ll keep the intro short, so let’s get down to the juicy stories which have occurred over the last 2 weeks, shall we?


CCL IV Update

CCL IV was always going to be an uphill struggle for us, and this was proven when OFM DT got our backsides handed to us by the Romanian Pwners. The final score was OFM DT 499-1983 Pwners.

Unfortunately, that result and Storm Knights’ victory over Os Navegadores means that we cannot progress beyond the group stages. However, while Pwners and SK fight for 1st place (and therefore progression), we are fighting for 3rd place with Os Navegadores, to avoid the “wooden spoon” of the group.

Our team against Os Navegadores is:

Phil Absolom: Havnar Botlefag (Goal 1)
sexcboi1990: B36 Torshavn (Goal 3)
Ben Stappleton: IF Fuglafjordur (Goal 5)
tezmondo: NSI Runavik (Goal 7)
matthew n burns: FC Suduroy (Goal 9)

Check here for future updates!!

UPDATE: As of today, the scores are OFM DT 779-832 Os Navegas. A very close battle that could swing either way! We’re gonna keep our heads up, keep battling and hope for the best!


Crews World Tour – THE FINAL

Thanks to the efforts of Jor Muller and Miftari Valdrin (when he was still in the Crew), we achieved a total of 3653 points in our 2 seasons, and thus made it into the final. Our representative in this Final is Gary, and he will compete against other managers from 11 other Crews to hopefully bring us some World Tour glory
The Crews World Tour (CWT) final is in Guatemala, and Gary has chosen to manage Deportivo Zacapa. We wish you all the luck Gary, and are behind you 100%

UPDATE: As of today (17/08/12): Gary is in 8th place after 2 wins from 8 games (wins were achieved against Lumi75 of AOM and tve-nl of Golden Legends). Still a very long way to go, and Gary’s in a good position. Keep frequently checking back here for updates


In Other News…

  • Frisoow power has amassed a total of 7942 points managing Queens Park Rangers (England), a truly remarkable achievement. Congrats Friso!
  • Ben Stappleton achieved a total of 4983 points with West Brom (England). Congrats Ben
  • sexcboi1990 has achieved a total of 1891 points with MC El Eulma (Algeria)


Unfortunately that’s all we have time for. We have new stories coming out frequently, and already have 2 unconfirmed stories for the next journal (which will be next Friday) so keep checking back for more updates

It’s been a while


….And a very long while at that

By Wally Jones, OFM DT Journalist

My silence on this blog may suggest that everyone’s favourite Crew has long gone into the abyss. But rest assured, we are here. Unfortunately, Upcoming Stars and Big Guns are not. So the Crew would like to take this moment to acknowledge the departure of 2 wonderful OFM Crews. They may have annoyed a few people over the years (especially Big Guns :p) but they were 2 truly awesome Crews. So let’s raise a glass to them!!


Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in and around the OFM DT world.


We’re on a terrific journey in CCL IV.

We had to qualify this time around, as we had not played many battles between the last CCL and this one. So we went up against Heironymous, who gave us one tough battle (especially given our rustiness). Fortunately for us, we won the battle by 1685-529, and moved on to the Group Stages

In the Group Stages, we were placed in Group L and found 3 very tough opponents, namely Storm Knights, Romanian Pwners and Os Navegadores. However, we were undaunted by this and proceeded to play Storm Knights and Pwners, both of who have unfortunately beaten us. Here are the current scores from the group

OFM DT 821-1644 Storm Knights (Final)
OFM DT 445-1745 Pwners (In Progress, Week 20 of 22)
OFM DT vs Os Navegadores (Starts on 06/08/12)

So things aren’t looking too great so far. However, we will keep fighting until the very end. You can keep track of our group and the standings by visiting this link:


Crew Battles:

A few months ago, Gary promised a Crew Re-organization, and also asked you where you think OFM DT can improve. One of the ways we came up with was to implement our Crew Battle Plan. Now I can’t talk about the details of this plan (as it’s confidential for Crew Members only) but it’s worked well and we have achieved our 2nd ever victory in friendly Crew Battles, against Elite Slayers. Here are the final scores:

Total OFM DT 1805
Total ES 873

Thanks to ES for giving us a battle. Watch this space for more battle news as we look to take 2012 by storm!!


Arrivals and Departures

Since the last post, a lot of activity has happened with regard to members arriving and leaving. We are thrilled to welcome Jo Aguero, tezmondo and george kyprianou45 to the Crew. Unfortunately, we’ve had to see Tha Frey and Miftari Valdrin leave us. This fills us with sadness, especially Geoffrey (Tha Frey)’s departure as he was the 3rd longest member in the Crew, after Gary, myself and fotnikos. Here’s some stats about how long Geoffrey was in the Crew for

It is 1328 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 3 years, 7 months, 20 days including the end date

Alternative time units

1328 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 114,739,200 seconds
  • 1,912,320 minutes
  • 31,872 hours
  • 189 weeks (rounded down)  

So yes, quite  a long time. However, Geoffrey still pops in every now and again to say hi to us in our public threads


Crew Awards

To end this on a positive note, we’ve had another Crew Awards. Here are the victors

Best Manager: Tha Frey
Most Improved Manager: Miftari Valdrin
Biggest Football Fan: Phil Absolom
Biggest Laugh: Jor Muller
Best Motivator: Gary Gomes
Best Newbie: tezmondo
Most Active: Jor Muller
Biggest Ladies Man: Phil Absolom
Top Crew Man: Gary Gomes

Congrats to all winners. The next Crew Awards will be kicking off very soon


Well, that brings this update to a close. I personally promise the updates over the upcoming months will be in a much shorter time-gap, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your next slice of DT action.

Until next time, this is Wally Jones, reporting for OFM DT Times

Update: June 2011

Crew Champions’ League (CCL)

Sadly for OFM DT, our run in the CCL has come to an end, after Romanian Gladiators (RoGT) ended up becoming victors in Round 3 of the CCL battle. The final scores were

RoGT- 1988
OFM Dream Team – 397

Congratulations RoGT, and good luck to all remaining participants in the CCL. OFM DT will be back in the CCL for the next edition.

Crew Battle

Since Lee’s arrival back in the Crew, he has tried to organize a battle. And now, one has been organized, against Dreamers . Our participants in the battle are

Mr Paolo managing South China (Goal 1)
Phil Absolom managing Citizen (Goal 3)
im am the best managing Fourway Rangers (Goal 5)
Ben Stappleton managing Tuen Mun (Goal 7)
Special-Ben managing Tai Chung (Goal 9)

Good luck guys, the whole of OFM DT is behind you

Crew Awards

Another edition of the Crew Awards has taken place, and the results are

Best Manager – Mr. Paolo
Most improved manager: Ben Stappleton
Biggest football fan – Phil Absolom
Biggest laugh: Tha Frey
Biggest motivator – Gary Gomes
Top crew man – sexcboi1990
Most Active – im am the best

Congrats to all Winners!!

An overdue update

By Wally Jones

With the last update being way back in May 2010, readers of this site are probably head scratching a bit as to what’s going on.

Well, Gary has had things to do in his real life, which had to take priority over OFM, but he’s back now, and, to avoid the infrequency of updates, Gary has given me posting rights on the site, so we can both keep you up to date with what’s going on in the Crew

Anyway, update time:

Since the last post, the Dream Team has competed in the 4th (and seemingly final) Ultimate Crew Battle. We finished well and finished a very respectable 20th overall!!! Well done and thank you to all UCB participants who have represented OFM DT in the UCB (even those who have moved on to pastures new)

We have also played (and still are playing)  in the CCL. We were awarded a bye in the First Round, and were scheduled to compete against Estrelinhas, who won their first round clash. However, shortly after the league began, Estrelinhas ran into problems, and had to forfeit, awarding us another bye but denying us vital experience. We are now competing against Romanian Gladiators (RoGT), and are grateful to the CCL for providing us experience with Crew battles as well as improving the Crew

We have also appointed a new Crew Battle Organizer, to help Brian (Lacoste1986) in organizing battles for the Crew. His name is Lee (im am the best) and since his arrival into his new role, he has arranged a battle with Lusos. Unfortunately, we lost the battle, but gained vital experience and enjoyed the battle thoroughly

Speaking of Battles, Lee has set about organizing another one. The details can not be disclosed at the moment as it is very early but if your crew wants to battle, send an in-game PM to Lee (his username is: im am the best)


We’ve also had several Crew League Seasons, with the majority of them being won by Mr. Paolo (aside from 1, which was won by Matthew Mulholland). Congrats Paolo, but don’t get too comfortable, as I’m sure every member of the OFM Dream Team will be looking to stop your dominance

That’s all for now really. A new update will be posted in due course with battle details, as well as our progress in the CCL (once we finish the round with RoGT)