The Dream Team Committee is a group of selected crew members that hold positions in order to specifically achieve various tasks in the crew. These are the best of the best and are managers who have been loyal to the crew and have always had the right attitude which is essential in taking the Dream Team to new heights. They should be respected in all ways and without them, I wouldn’t be able to run the crew myself. Take some time to read through each position; taking into account what it means, what duties are involved as well as the crew member that has been appointed to each position.

Vice Crew Moderator
Jor Muller

Description: This person is in charge of assisting me with the general running of the crew, providing the crew with a ‘second set of ears’, ensuring the crew forum is active daily as well as assisting in major decisions and the overall organisation of the crew.

Crew Battle Representative

Description: The person that holds this position in the crew is in charge of the negotiation and organisation of all crew battles. All invitations and challenges will be referred to this member for discussion between fellow crew members.

Jor Muller

Description: Responsible for scouting experienced and active talent from the OFM community for the OFM Dream Team. This person will also make the final decision on whether a manager should be recruited for the crew or not, as well as providing a written report to the Crew Moderator for final revision.

Graphic Artist
Matthew Mulholland

Description: Responsible for all the graphic work for the crew, from the crew homepage image to the specialised crew avatars.