Ultimate Crew Battle

Created by Jor Muller, the UCB is a challenging competition in a league of 20 teams which lasts one season. Crews battle it out in an effort to defeat their rivals in order to have a chance at walking away with the title and to become the ‘best crew on OFM’. After the season is over, the crew with the highest average of points can call themselves the winner of the Ultimate Crew Battle. Crews also receive crew points which is kept throughout the season of the UCB. There has been a total of unknown UCB’s.

Our ranking in the Ultimate Crew Battle

14th with 2,098 points
0 crew points

Crew Champions League

Created by Pi Antas G Onofre, is an unofficial crew competition open to all crews on OFM. This competition takes place alongside official competitions so that they do not clash with each other. There has been a total of two CCL’s.

Our ranking in the Crew Champions League 2010

For the competition fixtures, click here.

Knocked out by OFM Greats in the 8ths

OFM DT Points: 722
-OG- Points: 1,678