A crew league is a league in OFM where each and every crew member participates in. As well as being a requirement of the crew, it is helpful to advance a crew members knowledge in tactics and formations for use with their main accounts, crew battles and official OFM competitions such as the Ultimate Crew Battle. It also allows crew members to bond and have small competitions against each other all in the name of fun.

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Only the current season is found on this page.

The OFM Dream Team is in its 90th crew league season, and is currently being held in England 2nd Division.

We have played in the following countries:

        Japan (Season 60) - pep dadiola (Urawa Red Diamonds)               
 Australia        Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia

Team Selections

ATan – ?
creatorrr – ?
fotnikos – ?
Gary Gomes – Wolverhampton Wanderers
Jelt23 – ?
Jor Muller – ?
Juani19 – ?
Macmillian King – ?
neroc8 – ?
Phil Absolom – ?
sirjohnn – ?
tezmondo – ?


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