Join the Team

Like all crews do, the Dream Team has written up its very own set of minimum requirements that managers should look at before even thinking about applying for the crew. If you do manage to get an application in, then your submission, profile and various personal statistics will be looked at closely by a board of selected crew members. A major thing we look for is activity, so post counts are quite important in this case and could possibly get you a spot in the crew, even if you do not meet some of the other requirements.

The minimum requirements include:

Football Premium or season ticket holder (OFM requirements)
An all-round active manager that will post regularly within our crew forum
Played at least 750 matches (including draws and losses)
You must join the crew league every single season
You must have at least 25,000 manager points
You must be ranked between 1st and 1,500th on OFM

– — – — –

Being a part of the OFM Dream Team brings some great benefits including (but not limited to):

A range of avatars that you can use to show the rest of OFM where you belong
An active Crew Forum used by all crew members
Assistance with formations and tactics; the very backbone of being a successful manager
A chance at joining the Dream Team Committee, where you’ll be responsible to make crew decisions
The ability to participate in crew battles and the challenging Ultimate Crew Battle

Please note, you must be a season ticket or premium season ticket holder to join any crew.